National Foundation for Credit Counseling



Credit card debt, outstanding schools loans, a mortgage, car note, daycare expenses, and other bills causing you stress? You’re not alone. Many NEA members need help to gain control of their finances and find ways to reduce debt.



NEA Member Benefits and the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) have teamed up to provide financial literacy and debt management education to NEA members and their families.

A special web page ( provides information about the financial counseling and education services offered through NFCC member agencies located nationwide. NFCC member agencies offer comprehensive financial and debt management services including:

  • One-on-one financial counseling
  • Financial education classes
  • Bankruptcy counseling and education
  • Housing counseling
  • Reverse mortgage counseling

Certified financial counselors are available to help NEA members and their families develop customized solutions to their financial problems, either in person or by telephone.  Many NFCC member agencies also offer Web-based support.  Services are provided free or at very affordable rates.

Don’t continue to struggle with your financial problems. Visit for more information, or call toll-free to find an NFCC member agency near you: 1-866-479-NEA2 (6322).

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), founded in 1951, is the nation’s largest and longest serving national nonprofit credit counseling organization. Its mission is to promote financially responsible behavior and build capacity for its member agencies to deliver the highest quality financial education and counseling services. NFCC members annually help two million consumers through nearly 1,000 community-based offices nationwide.