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Make your students feel good about their accomplishments with uBoost! Recognize positive behavior by awarding students with points redeemable online for prizes they want. Backed by behavioral research, the program is designed to engage students and ultimately drive learning outcomes.

NEA members receive 250,000 uBoost points (a $265 value) to reward students all year long—FREE!

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Use uBoost to reinforce behaviors you know lead to positive learning outcomes such as:

  • Attendance
  • Class participation and behavior
  • Homework, quiz, and test scores
  • Team work
  • Citizenship  

Awarding points is fun, fast, and easy!

  • Present award codes on-the-spot to reinforce positive classroom behavior.
  • Staple award codes to graded homework, quizzes, and tests as a special gift for a job well done.
  • Go Green-you can also award points online in an entirely paperless environment.

They will love receiving recognition and you will feel good about giving it! 

Further motivate your students with the power of choice. Using the points you have awarded, students are able to choose rewards that interest them. They can:

  • Customize their own safe, virtual room
  • Support their favorite charitable causes
  • Participate in contests to win the latest in electronics and toys and gift cards 

Still need more information or want to see the uBoost site in action? Check out our How-To Videos or visit our homepage.


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