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NEA ID Theft Protection

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NEA Member Benefits has joined forces with Identity Fraud, Inc. to provide valuable and affordable identity protection to you and your family!

Today, identity protection is increasingly important as identity theft continues to soar and identity thieves become more sophisticated. Identity Fraud, Inc. provides comprehensive protection with plans starting at only $19.95 per year.

Program benefits and options include:

  • Protection for you and family members
  • Unlimited VRS Elite™ Fraud Resolution Services for simple or complex cases
  • $25,000 Identity Insurance* Limit for each person ($0 deductible)
  • Single or Triple Bureau Credit Monitoring / Alert Options
  • Fraud Alert, Credit Freeze Options
  • Discounts on prevention tools, credit reports, FICO scores
  • A library of free information on the subject, including the Loss Prevention Guide, education, newsletters and more...

There are over 25 different types of identity theft that can impact your ability to conduct normal daily affairs. Because your identity is an asset that deserves special protection, enroll now and obtain individual or family protection for just pennies a day.

Protect your entire family for $39.95 / year.

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* Identity Insurance is not available to residents of New York or Indiana.

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