The “real world” of retirement is just around the corner. There are investment-related decisions to make and retirement income numbers to crunch.

Your financial priorities need to be reassessed, and if you are falling short of your retirement objectives, you still have enough time to catch up to your goals by making changes to your financial plan and future lifestyle expectations.


What you need to know:

How do NEA members feel about their retirement plans? [Infographic]

Updated for 2017! Here’s what your fellow educators think about navigating the preretirement waters.

How smart technology can help you “age in place”

Learn about brilliant products and services that can help you stay in your home longer.

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How do NEA members feel about their retirement plans? [Infographic]

Updated for 2016! Here’s what your fellow educators think about navigating the preretirement waters.

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Exercise can help your mind stay strong along with your body. Here's how your workout can help your mental and emotional health.

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How to enrich your retirement with this year’s tax refund

When retirement is just around the corner, refund checks from the IRS can give you a little extra financial planning flexibility. Consider these smart spending options for your annual cash windfalls.

6 powerful ways exercise can help you thrive.

The limitations associated with getting older can be a product of inactivity, not aging. Here’s why exercise is key to staying healthy and vibrant.

How do NEA members feel about their retirement plans? [Infographic]

Updated for 2015! Here’s what your fellow educators think about navigating the preretirement waters.

What you must know about paying off your mortgage

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7 good reasons to change your will

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The real numbers behind long-term care costs [Infographic]

It’s important to start planning now for the care you may need later. Here’s why.

Planning and saving for retirement: It’s a marathon, not a sprint [Video]

As an educator, you face unique retirement planning challenges. Learn what you need to do to make it to the finish line and how NEA Member Benefits can help you through any rough spots.

Timing is everything: Your essential pre-retirement checklist

Use this to-do list to help make decisions about Social Security, shifting your asset allocations and more.

Social Security 101: What educators need to know

Learn the basics about how benefits are calculated and how your pension affects earnings.

Is it time to hire a caregiver?

These resources can help you find the right services for your aging parent or loved one.

Envision your perfect retirement lifestyle

These 3 questions can help you turn your limitless possibilities into a clearly-defined reality.

10 tips to manage a financial windfall

Take these steps to avoid “money shock” and handle your newfound wealth.

How to take control of your debt

Try these smart tips and strategies to help manage and leverage your debt.

5 surprisingly affordable places to retire

From Virginia to France, these unique locations offer a fabulous lifestyle on any budget.

Planning for retirement: An educator’s checklist [Video]

Nobody retires on a whim. Our step-by-step plan can help you stay the course on your road to a happy retirement.

Could a “CD Ladder” be a smart option for your money?

Learn how strategically spreading your money across multiple CDs may yield more interest income.

Ensure an easy transition to Medicare

Learn facts vs. fiction, plus five strategies for care if your doctor opts out.

Talking to aging parents about money, health and daily living issues

Tips for gently asking the hard questions that will help you manage future challenges.

Protect yourself from the growing threat of medical identity theft

Take action to safeguard your medical information using these helpful tips.

Ways to plan for future health expenses now

Create long-term peace of mind with these strategies that help cover costly care.

4 helpful tips to instill good financial habits

Take these steps to raise a financially responsible next generation.

Keep your income stream flowing throughout retirement

As you head into retirement, you need a strategy to turn your savings and pension benefits into an income stream that will last the rest of your life.

5 steps to get your retirement planning (back) on track

When retirement age actually gets penciled into your mid-range calendar, it’s time to get more active in managing your savings.

Your annual retirement investing checklist

Routine assessments are critical to keep your retirement savings on track. These steps simplify the task.

Do you need life insurance in retirement?

Life insurance can provide financial flexibility, but it can be expensive as you age. Find out what’s best for you.

Preparing and planning for retirement 

You need a transition plan in place well before you lock the classroom door for the last time. Adjust your investment strategy and calculate your income needs to see if you’re on track.

Catch up to your savings goals

If you feel like your pension, Social Security and personal savings might not fund your dream retirement, there are strategies you can employ to get things back in balance.

Why it may work to work in retirement

Going back to work after retirement not only provides additional income, it can help you follow your passion and keep you more active, alert and engaged in life.

Required minimum distributions for educators

The IRS requires you to start taking distributions from tax-deferred retirement plans after age 70 ½. Know the rules so you can withdraw what you need and avoid paying penalties.

Smart tax strategies that can stretch your retirement savings

No one wants to pay more taxes than necessary. Knowing how your various retirement accounts will be taxed when you take withdrawals can help you manage your tax liabilities.

Plan your strategy:


Educator pensions and Social Security might come up short. Find out why your benefits may fall short and what you can do about it.


Working with a financial planner. Read tips on how to find and evaluate a financial advisor.


Why women need to close the retirement savings gap. This article offers ways you can become a more confident saver and investor.


Savings options beyond your 403(b) plan. Explore a variety of options beyond your 403(b) that may help you achieve different goals.

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