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Classroom Makeovers for the Win!

Get inspired this new school year with expert tips to organize your classroom! See how a professional organizer helped 3 teachers transform their classrooms to meet their needs. You’ll get creative ideas that can help you maximize usable space, organize supplies for easy access, store infrequently used material and more!

Professional organizer Kathy Jenkins meets art teacher Sara, music teacher Denise and 3rd-grade teacher Melanie to find out what they need to organize in order to create functional spaces that work well for them and their students. Kathy creates a plan to get them all organized and shops for storage items that will help them achieve their classroom goals.

Kathy explains her SIMPLE method for creating and maintaining an organized system. Sara, Denise and Melanie enlist partners to tackle their organizing projects, including a pared-down classroom library area, new ways to display paperwork, neatly organized closets and more. See how much they get done in just 3 hours!

Sara, Denise and Melanie wrap up their projects and unveil their fabulously organized classrooms!

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