About the NEA Members Insurance Trust

For over 50 years, the NEA Members Insurance Trust has been creating exclusive, economical life insurance products for NEA members. Our goal is to offer you quality insurance products, superior service, broad accessibility and competitive pricing thanks to the buying power of over 3 million members.

One of the ways we ensure the high level of quality is to create outstanding and affordable plans tailored to our members’ needs. To do so we have formed long-term partnerships with some of the country’s highest rated life insurance companies including The Prudential Insurance Company of America.

NEA Members Insurance Trust Board of Trustees

  • Noel Candelaria, Chairperson
  • Robert Chanin, Secretary
  • Mary Ann Blankenship
  • Debra E. Goldberg
  • Susan Hussar
  • Melinda Person
  • Judy Schaubach
  • Denise Specht
  • Dennis Van Roekel