NEA CarePlus Hospital Insurance Medicare Notice


Important notice to persons on Medicare
This insurance duplicates some Medicare benefits


This is not Medicare Supplement Insurance

This insurance pays a fixed dollar amount, regardless of your expenses, for each day you meet the policy conditions. It does not pay your Medicare deductibles or coinsurance and is not a substitute for Medicare Supplement insurance.

This insurance duplicates Medicare benefits when:

  • Any expenses or services covered by the policy are also covered by Medicare.

Medicare generally pays for most or all of these expenses.

Medicare pays extensive benefits for medically necessary services regardless of the reason you need them. These include:

  • Hospitalization
  • Physician services
  • Hospice care
  • Other approved items and services
  • Check the coverage of all health insurance policies you already have.
  • For more information about Medicare and Medicare Supplement insurance, review the guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare, available from the insurance company.
  • For help in understanding your health insurance, contact you state insurance department or state senior insurance counseling program.

Form PA-9055

SRP-1151 A (HL) (5185)  /  SRP-1151 A (HLA) (5464)