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Continuing Education Made Simple

Get all of your continuing education classes in one place. Learn more about this great member-only benefit.

Finding the exact course you need for continuing education is a challenge. But it’s part of what needs to be done to stay current and licensed. So how do you know where to go and what to take? Scouring the web trying to find something that meets your needs and your busy schedule can take a lot of time. The NEA recognized this dilemma and developed a gateway through which you can find quality online courses from top-notch providers… and at a discount to boot!

Here are seven ways NEA Member Benefits is working to bring you quality professional development resources.

1. Find all types of online continuing education courses—in ONE place.
The Professional tab on provides access to everything from free do-it-yourself courses to full-blown graduate programs. Take advantage of peer-reviewed and approved continuing education courses, graduate credit/CEUs and degree programs.

2. The NEA has done the vetting process for you.
Quality is important. We feature peer-reviewed and approved educational content from multiple partner universities and continuing education providers. Unlike a Google search, only relevant and useful courses show up in the course catalog because our Content Quality Review Board (CQRB) critiques and approves the content. The CQRB members are your colleagues from across the nation. Holding various educational roles, this team provides direct peer approval to ensure the courses and programs offered through NEA Member Benefits will meet your needs.

3. NEA Member Benefits Professional courses are timely and current.
Your time and money are too valuable to waste on outdated and unproven courses. The collection of learning opportunities offered through the site is constantly updated, amended and reviewed based upon feedback from NEA members and the CQRB team.

4. You’ll find a course that fits your schedule.
All courses are offered online so you can fit classes into your busy day. It’s easy to find what best matches your learning style and time by comparing how classes are provided online. Our providers offer different education approaches from scheduled courses with a facilitator to self-paced learning. Course commitments range from an hour or more to a full semester’s work so you can choose what works best for you!

5. Find what you need at a discount—or even free!
The courses and programs found on our Degree Programs page are always offered at a discounted rate for NEA members. Plus, exclusive NEA Member Benefits degree program scholarships, special introductory course rates and select professional development offers are often made available on the website and through email.

6. We’ll help you keep up with current trends and new offerings.
New courses are added on a regular basis. We’ll tell you what’s new and what’s been updated on our site, plus we’ll give you a heads up on new professional developments and learning opportunities to ensure you get what you need to keep your educator credentials current!

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7. It just takes a minute to get started.
Register now to take advantage of this important member benefit to ensure you get the educator-centric courses you need to stay current, keep your certification and be successful in your career!

  • Google Apps for Educators Introduction – Take an hour to learn how to quickly move your classroom into the 21st Century using Google Apps.
  • Transformative Classroom Management (Self Study) – Enhance student learning and decrease stress when you take this self-paced course.
  • Twitter for Teachers – Twitter is a hot tech tool for teachers. For less than the cost of most movie tickets, you can learn how to use it to effectively engage with your students.

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