Rollovers & IRAs

Through NEA Member Benefits you’ll be given access to multiple disciplines of individual retirement accounts as well as the services needed to make starting, maintaining, and changing one simple and accessible.

Why choose a Rollover or IRA?

Tax-Free Growth

By selecting a Roth IRA, you’ll get to enjoy tax-free growth that allows you to focus more on contributions, rather than Federal percentages.

No Penalty Withdraw

Another major benefit of a Roth IRA is that your account does not get penalized if you need to withdraw contributions prior to retirement.


A major benefit of a Rollover IRA is that any funds that are transferred from a qualifying account remain tax-deferred.

Lower Fees

IRAs in general operate with very low fees compared to other retirement programs, which makes them a great first step in saving.

Secure your savings

Grow Tax Deductible or Tax Free

Using a financial advisor isn’t mandatory. One of the primary benefits to self-guided planning is the difference in cost. Over time, the amount saved in fees can amount to thousands, if not tens of thousands, over the decades.

A Safer Bottom Line

If you’re the type of person who wants to automate your savings, that’s still well within reach even with a self-guided retirement approach. Many investors find success by simply making monthly contributions to an index fund year after year.

Begin enrollment

Compare Your Approach

Self-guided Plans

Take control of your financial future.

Enroll now

  • Low cost, low fees
  • You’re in the driver’s seat
  • Automate your savings (where available)
  • Choose your contribution limit
  • Save pre-tax or post-tax depending on your plan
  • Mutual and Index funds available
  • Research and evaluate your options
  • Manage your own investments
  • Minimum deposit may be required
Advisor-led Plans

Rely on a retirement expert you can trust

Enroll now

  • Tools, experience, and objectivity of a retirement expert
  • Help understanding your true financial position
  • Advice for big decisions
  • Risk planning and help evaluating tax implications
  • Price and cost structure based on your needs and advisor level of input
  • Compiling and sharing your complete financial situation

What to Expect During the Enrollment Process

step 1
with NEA Member Benefits

Choose whether you want to work with a financial professional or enroll in a self-guided retirement plan. Your information will be shared with our partner Security Benefit to make enrollment easier for you.

step 2
Online enrollment with Security Benefit

Confirm your information and your earlier choices. Then, choose whether you would like to enroll in a 403(b) plan or an IRA. If you choose to work with a financial professional, Security Benefit will connect you with a NEA Retirement Specialist in your area.

step 3
Complete Enrollment in your Retirement Account

After all your online forms are complete, you’ll need to establish contributions into your new account. You can also rollover or consolidate accounts. If you choose to work with a financial professional, you’ll set up an account with that NEA Retirement Specialist.

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