Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions with These Motivational Magazines

Want to start and stick with a fitness routine, experiment with new recipes, or get your home organized once and for all? Whatever your new year’s goals, get inspired to do your best with these popular publications—discounted for NEA members.

Young Woman Reading a Magazine to Help Keep New Year’s Resolutions

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Why do New Year’s resolutions fail? Even though you have every intention to do your best, you may not have the proper support to help you achieve your personal goals.

To help keep new year’s resolutions, we need resources that can give us the information we need to succeed and help us create actionable plans.

We found lots of great magazines that can help you keep 6 of the most common New Year’s resolutions. And through the NEA Magazine Service, NEA members can save up to 85% on many subscriptions!

Improving your physical health

Woman Jogging Outside for Her New Year’s Fitness Resolution

This is probably at the top of everyone’s new year’s resolutions list—every year! This year, get the ideas, support and motivation you need to turn fitness into a habit with magazines such as Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Health, Shape, Prevention, Runner’s World and Yoga Journal.

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Improving your mental health

Woman Sitting on a Couch Meditating for Her New Year’s Resolution to Care for Her Mental Wellness

With so much stress in our lives, it’s more important than ever to care for your emotional well-being. Check out magazines such as The Mindfulness Journal, ADDitude and Psychology Today for the latest research, expert advice and current practices that can help you understand and deal with common mental wellness issues.

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Getting organized

Woman Putting Clothes Into Her Well-Organized Closet

Who doesn’t love a beautifully organized room or closet, or an exquisitely functional organization system? Tackle your clutter and restore calm to your home with inspirational ideas and practical advice in magazines such as Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living and Good Housekeeping.

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Trying new recipes

Family Preparing Healthy New Recipe with Chicken, Red Peppers and Cherry Tomatoes

Self-quarantining during the pandemic encouraged many people to expand their culinary talents, from sourdough bread and endless varieties of cupcakes, to healthy fare such as different types of vegetables and meats. Magazines are the perfect way to keep trying new recipes—to experiment with unusual ingredients you’ve never had before, or to spice up tried-and-true favorites. Check out magazines such as Food Network Magazine, Bon Appetit, Cook’s Illustrated and Fine Cooking for all cuisines, and subscribe to Clean Eating or Simply Gluten Free if you have specific dietary requirements.

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Improving your financial savvy

Man and Woman Doing Research About Their Finances to Prepare for The New Year

Get the expert advice you need with a subscription to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, where you’ll build your knowledge base on topics such as investing, saving, taxes, money management and more.

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Traveling someplace exciting

Young Family Vacations at a Resort Near a Beach and Palm Trees

With coronavirus travel restrictions mostly winding down, hopefully the new year will bring even more opportunities to explore the world again. Get destination inspiration, travel advice and more in magazines such as Global Traveler, Conde Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure.

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