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7 Ways to Keep Bad Weather From Ruining Your Vacation

These easy tips will help you be prepared when Mother Nature interferes with your vacation plans.

Everyone hopes for beautiful vacation weather. But it’s wise to have backup plans for days when bad weather takes outdoor fun off the agenda. Here are simple ways to make sure you have an enjoyable vacation—rain or shine.

1. Do your research.

Understand your destination’s climate before booking your trip. What are the average temperatures and precipitation levels during your intended travel time frame? Is your destination in a microclimate that gets significantly more precipitation than other options just 30 minutes away? Would shifting your dates a week or two improve your weather outlook? Gathering this type of information can help you decide when to travel, where to stay and what bad-weather gear to pack.

2. Check out indoor attractions.

Dreary days are ideal for touring local museums. Consider taking an in-depth audio or guided tour if the bad weather shows no sign of letting up. Traveling with kids? Keep them entertained at a nearby children’s museum, aquarium, hands-on art studio or indoor playground.

3. Take advantage of your hotel’s amenities.

If you’re staying at a full-service resort, make the most of the facilities. Splash in the indoor pool or soak in the hot tub. Indulge in a spa treatment. Reserve a leisurely, multi-course dinner. And ask the concierge for rainy-day suggestions. If you’re staying at a vacation rental or a budget hotel, see if nearby resorts offer day passes that provide full use of their facilities.

4. Go shopping.

A nearby mall can provide an easy weatherproof excursion. But also scout out local art studios, boutiques and markets where you can find distinctive handmade souvenirs. And don’t underestimate how much fun a run to the grocery store can be. Not only will you get a better sense of the local culture, you also could score barbecue sauces, chocolates or other goodies you won’t find at home.

5. Pack your own family entertainment.

Sure, today’s smart devices make it easy to binge-watch your favorite TV series or indulge your child’s “Minecraft” obsession. But don’t forget such simple diversions as playing cards or a travel edition of your favorite board game. These group activities are far more likely to create lasting vacation memories than solitary screen time.

6. Catch some zzzs.

Go ahead: Take a nap. A long one. Vacations are supposed to be restorative, so use the downtime to catch up on much-needed rest.

7. Brave the elements.

It’s always best to stay inside during severe weather. But if you’re facing light flurries or a drizzle, why not dress accordingly and proceed with your original plans? After all, lines at most area attractions and restaurants probably will be shorter!

Be better prepared if bad weather strikes by packing these 8 essential items for a cold-weather trip.



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