Choose the Auto Insurance Payment Option That Fits Your Needs

Learn about the four payment options available through the NEA Auto & Home Program, including skipped payments during summer and winter.

Auto Insurance Payment Options

by NEA Member Benefits


The NEA Auto & Home Insurance Program*, provided by California Casualty, was developed with educators’ needs in mind. Our program offers financial flexibility, letting you choose from four premium payment options based on your family’s needs, as detailed below.

For additional convenience, our EZ Pay plan gives educators the opportunity to “skip” two consecutive payments during the summer or winter months.

1. Monthly automated payment plan (EZ Pay). Your insurance payments will be automatically deducted each month from your bank or credit union account. You select the day—anytime between the 1st and the 28th—that your payment is deducted. NEA members have the option to skip July/August or August/September payments. We also offer a skip-payment option during the winter holiday months when budgets tend to be tighter. A $1 service charge per installment applies in most states.

2. 5-Pay installment plan. Your insurance premium will be billed in five installments, about every 60 days. You can make your payments by check, electronic Quick Check, money order or with a Visa or Mastercard. A service charge of up to $5 per installment will apply.

3. One-time annual payment. You can pay your total annual premium by check, electronic Quick Check, money order, or with a Visa or Mastercard. There are no fees or installment charges.

4. Payroll deduction. You may have the option of payroll deduction for your insurance premium. Check with your employer or sponsoring association for availability.

The NEA Auto & Home Insurance Program provided by California Casualty puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to paying your insurance premium. Contact one of our advisers today at or call 1-800-800-9410. 

* The NEA Auto & Home Insurance Program is only available to NEA members and their families. Please refer to the product description page to find out in which states this insurance program is available.

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