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Bank of America - NEA Member Benefits Partner

NEA Member Benefits has partnered with Bank of America since 1983 to offer members several credit card options as part of the NEA Credit Card Program. In addition to offering credit card products, Bank of America provides significant resources each year in support of the NEA Disaster Relief program to provide assistance to members who have been affected by FEMA declared disasters. They have also provided over $1.7 million to support educators and students through the NEA Foundation.

Bank of America has a strong focus on our environmental, social and governance (ESG) activities; responsible corporate governance practices; environmental initiatives; philanthropy; and many other activities. Bank of America sees this as good business—running a company that people feel is a good investment, creating sustainable growth in their business, and finding innovative ways to deploy capital to address global challenges. Their focus on good environmental, social, and governance policies creates jobs, transforms communities, fosters economic mobility, and seeks solutions and opportunities to help families, businesses, and communities prosper and thrive. Over the last three years, Bank of America has strengthened its ESG focus across the company. They implemented a management-level ESG Committee that looks at its businesses and practices and identifies the ESG risks and opportunities. They’ve embedded this approach through all lines of business, ensuring they are identifying opportunities that will have positive environmental and social impact.

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“I truly love my Bank of America® credit card through NEA. The interest rate is one of the lowest, and the customer support has always been excellent!”
NEA member, Georgia

“Thank you, NEA Cash Rewards Visa. We changed cards recently, and we are already receiving hundreds of dollars in cash rewards. You guys rock!”
NEA member, Florida

“The NEA Credit Card is the main card I use. I love that my educators’ card is tied to my bank. So easy!”
NEA member, Florida

“My NEA Credit Card was stolen on New Year’s Eve when I was on vacation. I had my card stopped immediately. I had zero liability for what was charged and received a new card in just 3 business days.”
NEA member, Tennessee