Living in Retirement

Resources to help you enjoy the retirement you deserve

These benefits can support your retirement needs

NEA® Retiree Health Program

Get supplemental coverage that helps pay for the roughly 20% of expenses not covered by Medicare, plus discounts on dental care, chiropractic care, vision care, hearing care and vitamins.

NEA Long-Term Care Program

Start planning now for the long-term care many of us will need as we age. The NEA Long-Term Care Program helps protect your children and your retirement savings by offering coverage for in-home or residential daily care.

NEA® CarePlus Hospital Insurance Plan

If you’re 65 and older, you can get help paying for some of the costs associated with a hospital stay and recovery time that your health insurance may not cover, such as over-the-counter drugs, child and pet care, meals and more.

NEA® Dental and Vision Insurance Program

Get important dental coverage for you and your family with the option to add affordable vision care. Choose your own providers or save both time and money by using the nationwide Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).

NEA Hearing Aid Discount

Save up to 20-50% on the best doctor-recommended hearing aids, plus a hearing exam, programming, delivery and fitting, adjustments and follow-up services at a local provider. NEA members may save up to $2,000 versus local office prices.

NEA® Pet Insurance Program

Your pets are a part of the family. Help them lead long and healthy lives by having insurance coverage that helps with the high cost of veterinary care. Plans start at just $6/month for cats and $9/month for dogs.


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