Student Loan Debt

Resources to help lower—or even eliminate—your student loan debt

Find relief from your student loans

Run your numbers for free through the NEA Student Loan Forgiveness Navigator today. You’ll receive information about any forgiveness or cancellation programs you qualify for, along with how much you can save. Plus, you can chat with a student loan expert if you need help.


NEA members have reduced their student loans by an average of $34,344

Whether through forgiveness, cancellation or consolidation, there are legitimate ways to ease the burden of your student loan debt—and you don’t have to go it alone. Here’s one NEA member’s story about how the teacher loan forgiveness tool helped him.

How much can you shave off your student loans?

Thomas J. Bugos II, a Seminole Education Association (SEA) member in Florida, tried out the NEA Student Loan Forgiveness Navigator powered by Savi and realized he could dramatically shrink his $32,000-plus in student loans. “I am ecstatic at how much I can save!”