Advertising Opportunities

Reach Educators with Your Message

The NEA offers a number of media options to reach our membership of 3 million education professionals. By combining the right mix of advertising and content, you will put your name and messaging in front of an audience of active and involved consumers.

Print Publications

  • NEA Today – The Association’s flagship publication with a circulation of 2.4 million, explores today’s toughest teaching challenges—and solutions. And, because educators are active, involved consumers, we also cover the topics that enrich and energize their lives after the bell rings. It’s an important resource that NEA members look forward to receiving 5 times a year.
  • NEA Today-RetiredNEA Today-Retired is a welcome addition to the lives of 299,000 NEA-Retired members. It spotlights the profession’s retirees and their passions, highlights upcoming events, and raises issues of particular interest to retired members, such as travel, health, Social Security, and more. Published 4 times annually, the magazine is strategically targeted to reach our engaged and dynamic retired members.
  • NEA Today-Aspiring Educators – The NEA Student Program is the largest pre-service association for future educators with over 62,000 student members. And now, companies have the opportunity to reach this unique audience by advertising in NEA Today-Aspiring Educators, the annual magazine for NEA student members. Aspiring Educators offers a wealth of resources to those new to the teaching profession. Each issue offers help with job searches, provides classroom tips for surviving the first year in the classroom, recommends strategies for parental and community outreach, and much more.

Online and Electronic Publications

  • NEA Today e-newsletter – A bi-monthly newsletter distributed to more than 1.1 million members’ e-mail boxes, NEA Today provides editorial coverage that highlights the latest association news and other educational industry topics of interest to NEA members. Your message will enjoy a rapid response from this most timely of NEA’s e-publications.
  • NEA Announce E-mail – 24,000 opt-in e-mail addresses for NEA members across the country are a great way to reach our members who have requested information about new products and services in the education market. NEA Announce is a great way to reach those most willing to hear your marketing message and to create top-of-mind awareness with a group of the NEA’s most active consumers.
  • – The Association’s flagship website delivers the latest education news, information about education policies, opportunities to advocate for public education and students, and resources that serve educators’ professional needs and goals. tells the story of NEA’s values, purpose, and community, allowing educators to see themselves and their value as professionals. The site also includes information on NEA’s campaigns and partnerships, as well as the voices and stories of our members.
  • – COVID-19 has changed the face of education like never before. offers educators support and advice by addressing issues from school closures and student safety, to ways to connect with students online and staying healthy. This initiative provides companies with an opportunity to provide resources and support to educators when they need it the most.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

  • Sponsorships/Partnerships – For longer-term opportunities that address ongoing member needs, the NEA seeks partnerships with companies and organizations dedicated to serving the market of education professionals. Partnerships offer year-round exposure and more broad commitment to the association and its strategic goals. Often involving ongoing discount programs or access for NEA members to particular services, partnerships are an integral part of how the association provides value to our members.

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For more information or for a customized media plan to reach NEA members, please contact:

Carson Helsper
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Phone: (301) 527-2195