Job Layoff Assistance 

At NEA Member Benefits, we know many NEA member households are struggling in today’s difficult economic times. Coping with non-renewals, layoffs, salary cuts, and other financial issues, we know you are looking for solutions. As your advocate, we have been working with our program suppliers and business partners to ensure that you receive the support and consideration you need and deserve.


If you have received a layoff notice or are non-renewed...

STEP ONE: Take a breath

Coping with any unexpected disruption in your employment or income is always financially challenging, but it often carries a heavy emotional burden as well. You may not have realized the responsibility you feel as a breadwinner and provider for your family until one day when your income is no longer a certainty. Additionally, our feelings of self esteem and estimation of our self-worth are also often tied very closely to our work. This is especially true for us as members when so much of our identity, pride, and satisfaction is tied to our careers. Adjusting to the challenges you’ll face won’t be easy, but it’s also not impossible. Give yourself the time and understanding you need to cope with both the financial and emotional dimensions of a job loss. Be kind to yourself and your family. Stop and take a breath. Then, when you’re ready...

STEP TWO: Be proactive about your financial situation

The first step to feeling in control—and staying in control—is to get a handle on your finances. NEA Member Benefits has been working with a number of our program suppliers to arrange special accommodations for members facing financial difficulties. Start by contacting all of the companies with which you have financial obligations to see if there are any opportunities for greater flexibility in how you make payments. Any adjustments you can make, up to and including deferring payments, will help give you the financial flexibility you need to manage your day to day expenses while still meeting your long term obligations. Please see the printable Job Layoff Checklist and list of Member Benefit programs offering special assistance: