Contributions to Education: Bank of America

Bank of America Student Leaders Program
Through the Neighborhood Excellence Initiative®, the bank’s signature philanthropic program, the Student Leader Program recognizes and rewards high school junior and senior students for their commitment to community service. Each year, 230 students are selected based on letters of recommendation by a local committee of bank representatives and local community stakeholders in 45 markets across the U.S. and in London. Please visit for additional information.

  • Since 2004, more than 1,000 students have been recognized
  • Bank of America sponsors each student to participate in an eight-week paid summer internship with a nonprofit organization designed to expose students to nonprofit’s mission, organization, and services
  • Partners for the internship include leading youth development organizations such as City Year, the Boys & Girls Club, Communities in Schools, Teach for America and Citizens Schools
  • All-expense paid Student Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C.

Education Partnerships

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America – BGCA works with our highest-need children across the country and partners with schools to deliver proven effective, educational programs to assure the academic success of young people across the country. Research shows that both frequency and longevity in after-school programs are positively associated with important outcomes such academic achievement and higher grades; spending more time on homework; positive beliefs about school; and less problem behavior. Bank of America is a proud and long standing partner of this organization locally and nationally. Over the past 2 years, Bank of America has provided over $11 million dollars to support clubs throughout our footprint.
  • City Year – Bank of America provided a $1 million grant  for the Young Heroes program. Now in its 16th year, the Young Heroes program engages nearly 2,000 middle school students annually in communities across the country. The program runs every Saturday from January to May, to teach students about the social issues and to help address them through hands-on community service. As the sponsor for 13 cities, Bank of America has made it possible for over 11,200 Young Heroes to serve over 890,000 hours in their community.
  • Citizen Schools – Bank of America provided a $1 million grant to help expand the organization’s network of local affiliates which improves the academic performance and high-school readiness of low-income, middle-school-age youth by providing rigorous academic support, leadership development, and hands-on learning projects led by volunteer “citizen teachers” and trained staff during after school hours.
  • Communities in Schools – CIS works with public schools in over 200 markets connecting the neediest children with community resources to help young people successfully learn and stay in school, and prepare for life. Over the past 2 years, Bank of America has provided over $2.3 million dollars across the country and hundreds of hours in volunteer time.
  • National College Advising Corp. – NCAC is a new organization, but has already shown great results. Through a nationwide consortium of colleges and universities, the program aims to increase the number of low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented students entering and completing higher education. By placing recent graduates of partner institutions as college advisers in underserved high schools and community colleges, our programs work in communities across the country to provide the advising and encouragement that students need to navigate college admissions. Advisers work full-time to help students plan their college searches, complete admissions and financial aid applications, and enroll at schools that will serve them well.

Financial Education

  • In 2007 – 2008, we provided more than $10 million to innovative, broad financial education programs to help students understand personal finances and support them in their journey to achieve life-long financial stability and growth.
  • CHOICES – Through a grant provided by the Bank of America Charitable Foundation Bank of America and CHOICES Education Group have partnered to educate thousands of middle school students in their classroom on money management, careers, decision-making and life consequences. Bank of America associates participate in the CHOICES program in over 40 communities across the United States.
  • Junior Achievement – In over 30 markets across the country, Bank of America has contributed over $2 million dollars and many volunteer hours to help teach students and educators in k-12 classrooms the concepts of free enterprise.

Arts Education
In 2007 and 2008, Arts Education totaled 13% of the bank’s overall education focus providing $15.5 million dollars to support access to arts and programs through community partners and/or schools for children and people of all ages and economic means. An example of our support includes a grant to the Kennedy Center Theater for Young Audiences (TYA). TYA is one of the only programs in the nation with the ability to commission, produce and tour professional caliber theater for young audiences. The program addresses the irreplaceable value of attending and participating in the performing arts by producing performances specially tailored to inspire and educate children from all backgrounds. Each season, TYA presents local, national, and international artists, in theater, dance, and opera. Besides the traditional genres, TYA presents puppetry, storytelling, opera, and multi-disciplinary performances to school and family audiences.


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