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An Educator’s Guide to Retirement Income Planning

Public-school employees face unique circumstances when it comes to planning for retirement. There’s specific information you need to know, and distinct issues you’ll have to consider, as you figure out how much retirement income you’ll need and where that income will come from.

This guide, written specifically for NEA members, provides an overview of the three main sources of retirement income – state pension plans, Social Security and retirement savings accounts – and explains various rules and regulations unique to education professionals and other public-pension employees.

Did you know…

  • About 40% of U.S. public-school employees aren’t eligible for Social Security and will have to rely on state pension payments and personal retirement savings
  • Switching jobs between states, and even school districts, can affect your pension benefits
  • Working a private-sector job – before or after your teaching career, or even a summer job – can affect your Social Security and pension benefits
  • Your entitlement to your spouse’s full Social Security benefits can be negatively affected by two current federal retirement provisions that NEA opposes

The goal of this guide is to empower you with the information you need to make decisions now so you’ll be able to maximize your retirement income and live a fulfilling life in retirement.

In this guide, which is FREE for NEA members, you’ll find:

  • Information about state pension plans, how they’re funded, how benefits are determined, how they may transfer if you move, and how to find out what you can expect to receive
  • Information about Social Security benefits, how it works, which states participate, how it can affect your pension benefits, and how your spousal benefits could be affected
  • Information about personal savings and investments, why you may need to supplement your pension benefits, what it means to invest in the stock market, and options for saving.
  • A 2-page checklist to help you better understand your current situation and make informed plans now for your future
  • Links to additional resources for deeper dives to help you put your retirement income plan into motion

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