12 Reasons You May Need Extra Cash This Winter

See some examples of expenses you may encounter when cold weather arrives.

Why You Might Need Extra Cash This Winter - Man Clearing Driveway with a Red Snowblower

by NEA Member Benefits


Winter months connote happy times spent with family and friends, but the holiday season also can mean big home projects and even unexpected expenses that bite into your budget.

If you encounter any of these 12 cold-weather scenarios in which you find yourself in need of some extra cash on hand, a personal loan for educators from NEA Member Benefits can help you afford what you need.



1. Your kitchen isn’t guest-ready

If your kitchen isn’t prepped to handle serving a crowd, you may find you need to upgrade your appliances or even remodel the whole room.

2. Your guest bathroom isn’t welcoming

The guest bathroom will get a lot of traffic as you entertain over the holidays, so you may decide you need to update the fixtures, flooring, lighting and more.

3. Your dining space can’t accommodate everyone

If you’re expecting a big crowd for a special dinner or regular meals during an extended stay or an overnight stay, you may need to buy a bigger dining set so everyone has a place for their plate.

4. It’s time to upgrade the futon

Create a welcoming retreat for overnight guests by investing in nice furniture for the spare bedroom.

5. You’re traveling home for the holidays

If you’re flying home to visit relatives, you may need help financing your trip so you don’t miss out on the memories and merriment.

6. You’re traveling for fun for the holidays

Make this the year you take a winter vacation to the slopes or a tropical beach for your holiday break.

7. Your car broke down

Winter weather means rough road conditions, which can take a toll on your vehicle. New tires, a new transmission and other unexpected repairs could easily cost more than $1,000.

8. Your heating bill is unusually high

A particular frigid cold snap can leave you with a shocking electric bill or gas bill that you may need help covering.

9. Your furnace stops working

If your HVAC is running on fumes trying to keep up with the cold weather, you may need to repair or replace your furnace to stay warm and to lower your monthly utility bill.

10. Your roof suffered snow damage

If heavy snow ruins your roof shingles or if leakage causes damage to the inside of your home, you could find yourself facing a big unexpected expense to repair or replace your roof if it’s not covered by your insurance.

11. You need to be prepared for lots of snow

If your local snow forecast usually calls for many feet of snow, you may want to invest in a high-powered snowblower to make quick work of the pileup as well as a whole-house backup generator to keep everyone inside safe and warm when and if the power’s out.

12. Your icy pipes burst and made a mess

Your home insurance may not cover water damage from frozen pipes that burst, so a personal loan could help you repair or replace drywall, flooring, furniture and more.

Below you’ll find options for personal loans for educators to help you make your winter project list a reality – or to deal with unexpected expenses.