NEA Retiree Health Program: Best Benefits Card

NEA Retiree Health Program - Benefits Card

Unlike other supplemental programs, the NEA Retiree Health Program gives you additional discounts through the Best Benefits Discount Card. And it’s FREE!

This card is automatically included when you are insured under Plan Option F, G, or N. It entitles you to the following special discounts and services

For Plan Options F, G, or N:

Dental Care

You can save money on routine and preventative care, as well as more extensive treatments such as fillings, crowns, root canals, dentures, bridges, and oral surgery at over 25,000 providers nationwide.

Chiropractic Care

Save money on chiropractic care from one of the nation’s largest networks. In fact, you’ll receive free initial consultation, up to 40% savings on diagnostic services, savings on x-rays, and 20% savings on all other services.

Vision Care

Through a network of over 12,000 eyecare professionals nationwide, you’ll save up to 50% on eyeglasses, contact lenses (excluding disposables), non-prescription sunglasses and other retail eyewear items.

Hearing Care

You’ll save money on hearing care and hearing aids, as well as maintenance and repair. You can receive an annual cleaning and check of your hearing aids at no charge. Plus you’ll get a free loaner during any repair period.

Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements

Many members consider a vitamin and mineral supplement program a vital part of their overall health regimen. Now you can also save up to 50% when you order vitamins and nutritional supplements through the mail-order service.

Podiatry Care

Members receive a 25% discount on participating podiatric physician’s usual and customary fee for initial exams and other products and services. Coverage also includes significantly lower prices on orthotics through Best Benefits Orthotic Plan.

Medical Records Secure Storage and Retrieval

When you carry the Medifile ID Card in your wallet, medical personnel can get immediate access to your medical records in an emergency. You provide important information… and Medifile stores it on a special secure computer. Your ID card tells medical personnel where they can call for instant information.

Emergency Travel Assistance

Don’t spend extra for this coverage anymore! This benefit helps you get the treatment you need if a medical emergency strikes when you’re more than 100 miles from home. It can arrange for emergency evacuations, medical assistance in foreign countries, payment to overseas medical providers, emergency cash advances, travel assistance for family members and more. (This feature pending approval for Florida residents.)

For Plan Options F, G, or N if you do not have Medicare Part D:

(Also for program options H, I, or J that do not include prescription benefits and if you do not have Medicare Part D)

Prescription Drug Discounts

Save money on brand name and generic drugs at nearly all of the nation’s largest retail drug chains.

Plus you can save time and money with Best Benefit’s convenient online or telephone mail-order service. Your orders will be checked by a registered pharmacist, and shipped via first class mail or UPS.

Here’s How the Best Benefits Discount Card Works:

  • You will receive a listing of participating providers in your area. You can also search for a list of providers by ZIP code using the form below.
  • Make an appointment (if necessary) with a provider you choose.
  • Show your card to the provider (including specialists where available) and receive the discount when you receive the service.

Best Benefits Provider Search

Enter a valid ZIP code, then press the search button. The search engine will return a sampling of the participating providers nearest the ZIP code entered.

ZIP Code:  


It’s that simple! You’ll save money without sacrificing quality care.

None of the above discount benefits can be used in conjunction with any other discount program. This discount program is not insurance.