NEA Retiree Health Program: Eligibility and Guaranteed Acceptance

Member Eligibility

You are eligible to participate in this program if you are an Active or Retired member of the NEA, you are age 65 or older, and you are covered by Medicare Parts A and B.

Spouse Eligibility

Your spouse is also eligible to participate. She or he must be age 65 or older, and must be covered by Medicare Parts A and B.

Your spouse is eligible to participate with you even if you do not as long as you are participating in another program of the NEA Members Insurance Trust (NEA Group Term Life, NEA Level Premium Term Life, NEA Guaranteed Issue Life, or NEA AD&D Insurance).


No physical exam is required to get coverage under any plan option. During open enrollment periods or when you enroll in Medicare Part B for the first time, no health questions are asked and you cannot be turned down for health reasons.

What If You Already Have A Medicare Supplement Policy?

If you already have Medicare Supplement coverage, you can switch to the NEA Retiree Health Program without ever losing a day of coverage. You’ll even be covered for pre-existing conditions if you are replacing an existing plan.

You may switch to any other Plan Option later, provided you have had your current NEA Retiree Health Plan Option for at least 6 months.

For Your Protection

  • You do not need more than one Medicare Supplement policy
  • Depending on your age and income situation, you may be approved for benefits under Medicaid and may not need a Medicare Supplement policy
  • The benefits and payment under your NEA Retiree Health plan will be suspended during your entitlement to benefits under Medicaid for 24 months. You must request this suspension within 90 days of becoming eligible for Medicaid. If you are no longer entitled to Medicaid, your policy will be reinstituted if requested within 90 days of losing Medicaid eligibility
  • Counseling services may be available in your state to provide advice concerning your purchase of Medicare Supplement insurance and concerning Medicaid

How To Select The Best Plan Option For You

The Plan Option that’s best for you is the one that most closely meets your specific needs. All of the Plan Options offered are summarized here.

Each of the Plan Options provides a different level of insurance protection. You should compare them and fit them to your personal needs and budget. We recommend you give special consideration to Plan Options F, G and N. To help you make an informed decision, detailed benefits charts are available on the Summary Page.

One of our recommended Plan Options is probably right for you. If you have questions about any of the Plan Options, please call us toll-free at 1-844-213-1556 (Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CT).