NEA Vacations: Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is NEA Vacations?

    NEA Vacations is a great new benefit provided through NEA Member Benefits to enable NEA members to get access to prices not available elsewhere on cruises, hotels, resorts and other attractions. Plan your vacation now and receive amazing low prices on everything you need to take the vacation of your dreams or make a quick weekend getaway.

  • What products are available via NEA Vacations?

    NEA Vacations offers cruises, hotels, resorts, guided tours and airfare at discounted rates to NEA members.

    See the NEA Member Benefits Travel Program for additional cost-saving travel options. Save on rental cars (Alamo, Enterprise, National, Hertz and Dollar), Red Roof Inn and guided tours (Trafalgar, G Adventures). NEA Travel Dollars are not valid on these products.

  • Is there a cost to sign up for NEA Vacations?

    NEA Vacations is available to you as part of your NEA membership and there is no extra charge. You do have the option to upgrade your membership to the Select Access registry package for an additional fee. See the question below about Select Access.

  • What makes NEA Vacations so unique from other discount travel sites?

    First, NEA Vacations offers amazing low prices on a range of travel products that are not available through other channels or providers.

    Second, as an NEA member, you can earn NEA Travel Dollars—a type of alternative currency designed to keep more of your money in your pocket for restaurants, attractions and more. You can use accumulated NEA Travel Dollars to pay a portion of any cruise, resort, hotel or vacation package (not including airfare) selected through NEA Vacations. The maximum amount of NEA Travel Dollars you can use will be shown at the time of purchase since the total varies based on the product(s) you select.

    Third, you may receive extra incentives on featured products at different times throughout the year. For instance, you might receive $100 Onboard Credit to use on a cruise or 25% off a hotel room, plus additional bonuses such as free room upgrades, free Wi-Fi or dining coupons.

  • How many Travel Dollars do I get for signing up?

    You will receive $500 when you activate your account by clicking the Find your Next Vacation button on NEA Vacations.

  • How do I earn additional NEA Travel Dollars?

    You can earn NEA Travel Dollars by completing certain activities, such as opting in for the NEA Travel Newsletter, adding your birthday to your profile, and purchasing other products offered by NEA Member Benefits. You must activate your NEA Travel Dollars within 30 days of receiving an email confirming your action. Once activated, NEA Travel Dollars will be available to use on the NEA Vacations site within 48 hours. (See additional activation directions below.)

  • How many NEA Travel Dollars can I accumulate per year?

    The amount of NEA Travel Dollars that you accumulate per year varies based on the number of activities a member engages in. The maximum amount is $1,500 NEA Travel Dollars per year.

  • How do I activate my NEA Travel Dollars?

    You will receive an email notification from NEA Member Benefits with instructions on how to activate your NEA Travel Dollars. Travel Dollars must be activated within 30 days.

    Step 1:  Sign In or Register on the activation page
    Step 2:  Click ‘ACTIVATE’ to activate your NEA Travel Dollars
    Step 3:  You will receive an email confirming your activation
    Note: The NEA Travel Dollars amount indicated will be available for use within 48 hours.
    Step 4:  Visit NEA Vacations
    Step 5:  Start Traveling
  • How do I view my NEA Travel Dollars balance?

    Go to the NEA Vacations page (make sure you are signed in) and click on the “Find Your Next Vacation” button to go to the booking portal where you can view your NEA Travel Dollars balance in the “My Benefits” or “My Account” section.

  • How do I apply NEA Travel Dollars to the cost of my trip?

    You will see NEA Travel Dollars available on a product when you browse hotels, cruises, resorts and guided tours. At checkout, NEA Travel Dollars will be subtracted from the total purchase price. NEA Travel Dollars cannot be used on airfare.

  • I see a base price for a hotel and resort stay. Will I be charged any additional fees, such as a Resort Fee?

    It is possible that you may be assessed additional fees either at time of reservation or when you arrive at the hotel. These could include a deposit and cancelation, valet parking and resort fees. Be sure to check Hotel Details section (including Amenities and Reviews), as well as the Terms & Conditions section on the Checkout page. Under Terms & Conditions, scroll down to review Mandatory Fees & Taxes information. For additional questions not addressed in these sections, contact the resort directly for clarification.

    Once you have read through these sections and agree to accept additional fees cited, click the box stating “Please check this box to confirm you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions above.”

    If you do not agree with the additional fees, search for another hotel or resort that does not include these charges.

  • I see a base price for airfare. Will I be charged any additional fees for an airline purchase, such as baggage fees?

    Each airline has its own baggage fee policy. When you find a flight you are interested in, click on the Flight & Baggage Details link and the Baggage Fee Details link for more information. If you would like further clarification, contact the airline prior to booking.

    Please be sure to read about additional terms, such as cancelation, transfer and refund policies, under the Pricing Summary section. If you agree to the terms, click the Continue Booking button to complete your purchase.

  • Are there any fees for booking travel ONLINE through NEA Vacations versus CALLING NEA Vacations directly?


    a.  Online Booking: There are no fees for online booking of airfare, hotels, cruises or resorts through the NEA Vacations web page. (Note, however, that there may be fees associated with the specific cruise, tour, airfare, etc., you select. Please review the particular trip’s terms and conditions for complete information.)
    b.  Booking a Cruise by Telephone: There are no fees for booking a cruise by calling NEA Vacations.
    c.  Booking Airfare or a Hotel or Resort Reservation by Telephone: You will be charged $35 per ticket for airfare and $20 for each hotel or resort reservation you book by calling NEA Vacations.
  • I did not receive confirmation of my trip. What do I do?

    If you have not received a confirmation, please check your email spam folder. If it is not there, log into and click ”Find Your Next Vacation“ button. Click the My Account tab on the NEA Vacations landing page and select Booking Activity. You will find your recent trip(s) listed here and can print out confirmations from this page.

  • When is payment due?

    Airfare, hotel and resort payments are due in full at the time of booking. Guided tours and cruises require an initial purchase deposit followed by monthly payments.

  • How do I pay?

    NEA Vacations accepts most standard forms of payment including credit and debit cards.

  • What happens if I see a discounted price, but do not make a purchase at that time, and then log back in only to see a different price?

    Pricing may vary by supplier, availability and timing of when you browse for airfare, hotels, resorts, and/or guided tours. For example, airlines might cost one price on Tuesday at 8 a.m., but could increase/decrease when the customer looks again on a Thursday at 5 p.m.

    You can hold a cruise price for 24-hours (or more depending on the cruise line) by calling NEA Vacations at 866-524-2807.

  • I see I can purchase a registry program called “Select Access” for an additional fee. How exactly does this work?

    You have the option to upgrade to “Select Access”—a registry-type program that offers members rewards and benefits for an additional fee. This is strictly optional and is not required.

    Below is a price breakdown of the Reward Points and NEA Travel Dollars earned based on the cost of a selected travel package:

    Reward Points Travel Package Cost NEA Travel Dollars
    25,000 $999 $1,000
    50,000 $1,499 $1,500
    75,000 $1,999 $2,000
    100,000 $2,699 $2,500
    125,000 $2,999 $3,000
    150,000 $3,499 $3,500

    Once you opt in and pay for Select Access, you will receive additional Reward Points that can be used for select cruises, resort or vacation packages (Featured Redemptions). Select Access members can earn 5 times the normal amount of Reward Points for every $1 spent on travel, which you can use to save on Featured Redemptions. You will also have access to perks like “Great Getaway” vacations that may cost as low as $49 for a week and “Quarterly Specials” vacations that are as cheap as $7 a night.

  • What type of travel insurance is offered? Do I pay an additional fee?

    Yes, travel insurance is available. Cost of the insurance is dependent on the cost of the vacation and your age at the time of travel. You will see travel insurance options at the time of check out. Travel insurance is not required for you to complete your booking.

  • Whom do I call if something happens prior to my travel and I cannot make my trip? Will I receive a refund?

    You should call NEA Vacations at 866-524-2807 if you need to change or cancel your travel. There may be penalties on transactions dependent on the specific supplier’s rules, such as amount of time until the trip, type of vacation, etc. You will see specific cancellation rules and refund details at the time of booking, as well as on your receipt. If you are issued a refund, it can take up to 14 business days to process and money to be credited back to your bank account.

  • Can I use my NEA Travel Dollars on an NEA Adventure?

    No, NEA Travel Dollars are only valid on hotels, cruises, resorts and other travel products available through NEA Vacations.

  • Who can I speak to regarding my benefits?

    For information about NEA Vacations, please call 866-524-2807 and enter your 10 digit phone number or you can press #, then press 1 when prompted.

  • I am using Internet Explorer as my browser to access NEA Vacations, but it is not loading. What should I do?

    To get the best possible experience using NEA Vacations, we recommend that you upgrade to a new version of Internet Explorer or choose an alternative browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.

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