6 Injuries and Illnesses Covered by NEA Income Protection

Broken bones, carpal tunnel, illnesses related to COVID-19 and much more can prevent you from working, which can impact you financially. Find out what’s typically covered by disability income insurance so you can be prepared if you’re ever unable to work and earn a paycheck.

by NEA Member Benefits

As an educator, you make it a priority to be there for your school community. But what if an illness or injury prevents you from working? Would you be prepared? With easy enrollment and guaranteed acceptance, disability insurance through the NEA Income Protection Insurance Plan helps provide you with protection from a loss of income if you become too sick or injured to work.

Check out this infographic to see examples of some injuries, illnesses and conditions covered by the NEA Income Protection Insurance Plan.


Injuries and Illnesses Covered by Disability Income Insurance: Injuries such as broken bones, musculoskeletal diseases such as carpal tunnel, digestive diseases such as IBS, pregnancy and childbirth, mental health conditions such as depression, illnesses related to COVID-19

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