Protecting Members’ Families

Learn how the NEA Members Insurance Trust provides support to better serve educators.

Our mission is to offer dependable and robust coverage while ensuring the well-being of our members and their families.


“As a former special education teacher and teacher’s aide from El Paso, Texas, I understand the importance of a strong community. Through the generous support of the NEA Members Insurance Trust, we’re able to address many of our members’ most pressing needs, some at no cost to them!“

- Noel Candelaria, Chairperson of NEA Members Insurance Trust




The NEA Members Insurance Trust is committed to ensuring all members and their families have considerable financial protection through a wealth of resources designed with educators’ unique needs in mind.


Serving members for more than 50 years.
Our strength is in our numbers. Below are some quick facts that demonstrate the value the NEA Members Insurance Trust brings to members as well as to the Association at large.
Number of member families the NEA Members lnsurance Trust helps protect through its insurance plans
Amount in dues maintained by the NEA and state affiliates thanks to required member confirmation efforts started in 2008
Amount in claims distributed to NEA member families in 2021


We believe all educators should be protected.

This is why we offer no-cost life insurance benefits that are exclusive to NEA members and their families. Members who register their beneficiary are more likely to participate in NEA programs and retain their membership in the Association.

NEA® Introductory Life Insurance


  • Eligible new members are automatically provided $15,000 of term life insurance at no cost during their first 12 months of membership
  • No medical exams needed
  • Members can elect to continue their coverage after the one-year period at lower members-only rates

NEA® Complimentary Life Insurance


  • All other members (including new members) get the trusted protection they want for their families at no cost to them with $1,000 of term life insurance
  • Up to $5,000 of accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage
  • $150,000 of coverage if they're a victim of an unlawful homicide while at work

Our collective group bargaining power helps secure affordable rates across four different plans designed to fit educators’ unique needs.

Supporting members with additional no-cost benefits

The NEA Members Insurance Trust understands some of the top challenges educators face today and gives back by investing profits into unique benefits that can help members further achieve their overall well-being.

12-month access to the NEA Student Debt Navigator

No-cost access to the NEA Mental Health Program

Trust & Advocacy

Members can rely on the NEA Members Insurance Trust to always be there for them when they need us and to always have their best interests at heart.

Board of Trustees

An independent and dynamic governance body

Our board of trustees acts on behalf of members because many of them are educators, too. They not only have years of Association experience, they possess deep insurance industry expertise that helps fairly assess and determine the best offerings for members.

  • Noel Candelaria - Educator, NEA MIT Chairperson, Secretary-Treasurer, NEA
  • Robert Chanin - Retired NEA General Counsel, Secretary of NEA Member Insurance Trust (NEAMIT)
  • Mary Ann Blankenship - Retired Association Staff, Former Executive Director of the Kentucky Education Association
  • Debra Goldberg - Healthcare VP
  • Tyrone Hendrix - Executive Director, NYSUT
  • Susan Hussar - Retired Insurance Agent
  • Judy Schaubach - Retired Educator, Former Education Minnesota President
  • Denise Specht - Licensed Elementary Teacher, Education Minnesota President
  • Dennis Van Roekel - Retired Educator, Former State Affiliates President, NEA Secretary-Treasurer, VP and President

A trusted partnership for more than 50 years

We value our long-standing relationship with the Prudential Insurance Company of America, one of the county’s leading financial institutions and a proud supporter of public education. They have been underwriting the NEA Life Insurance plans for more than 50 years.

Providing extra support in times of crisis

NEA Members Insurance Trust assists members affected by natural disasters or job loss so they don't need to worry about paying their life insurance premiums during a time of great need.

Support & Knowledge

NEA Members Insurance Trust helps members make informed decisions when choosing and updating their insurance benefits.

Trusted resources you can use to help your members

Access to free videos, articles and tools.

A secure self-service portal to manage their policies.

Access to knowledgeable and friendly representatives: 855‑NEA‑LIFE.

Connect with us. We’re here to help.

Find your Affiliate Relations Specialist

Connect with the NEA Member Benefits Affiliate Relations Specialist in your area who can provide virtual or in-person informational meetings to help your members understand the NEA Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance programs available.

Contact us by phone, chat or email

Our NEA Member Benefits Member Advocacy Center representative help members with questions on life insurance coverage and claims.

Download our benefits guide

This concise PDF guide lists all of the benefits available to NEA members. The guide is also available in Spanish.