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If you are an NEA member, there may be a few reasons why we are unable to confirm your membership:


The name and address you used to register on NEAMB.com may be different than what is listed on your NEA membership record. We recommend updating the information on your NEAMB.com account to match your NEA membership record.



Your date of birth improves the membership confirmation process. If you entered a date of birth on your NEAMB.com registration, we recommend you confirm it's correct.



If you are an employee of a state association, your record may be set to your work address instead of your personal address. Please reach out to your membership contact to confirm that the correct personal address is used. These instructions may be helpful to them.



If you recently joined the NEA, we may not have received your membership record yet. In this case, please contact our Member Advocacy Center for further assistance.

Processing time can take around 45 days for the following states: California, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania.

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