Hit the Books Before Hitting the Car Dealership

Shopping for a new set of wheels? The NEA Auto Buying Program can help you find a great deal.

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by NEA Member Benefits

When you decide to buy a car, it can feel like you’re taking a test. How do you transform the massive amount of research available into what you really need to know so you can find the right car and the right price?

To help you, we’ve compiled this handy study guide.

Do your homework

As a member of the NEA, you have a variety of research tools at your fingertips to help you learn about the cars you’re interested in and to help you find a good deal when it’s time to buy.

Hit the books at the NEA Auto Buying Program to easily learn more about makes, models and options. You can compare different vehicles, learn about available incentives, check crash safety ratings, read reviews, view picture galleries and more, all at no cost to NEA members.

You’ll be able to search new car makes or see dealer-guaranteed used car prices. And, of course, there’s no obligation to buy.

Use your study tools

No one wants to feel like they failed the test by overpaying for a car, so you need context to learn what really is a good price. The NEA Auto Buying Program shows you what others in your area paid with in-depth Price Reports and the Price Curve powered by TrueCar. TrueCar is an expert source, well-known in the auto industry for its data and analytics.

For new cars, search for the car you want and adjust the options to your liking. Then look for the “See full report” link to get the TrueCar Price Curve to find out what others in your area paid for the vehicle with the options you selected.

The Price Curve also displays your estimated NEA member price, including your special member savings through one of the certified dealers.

For used cars, you can search a vast inventory of vehicles available in your area and even search by the features you want. Free Market Reports and CARFAX® Reports are available on most vehicles.

Get your member savings and guaranteed savings certificate

Once you’ve narrowed down to the vehicle you want, you can request dealer pricing information and select the prescreened certified dealer(s) you want to work with. You’ll get your Guaranteed Savings Certificate* including available incentives and NEA member savings—all before you even visit the dealership. For used cars, you’ll receive a Used Vehicle Certificate with the dealer-guaranteed price for that specific car and any additional savings they have made available to NEA members.

Your certificate lets the certified dealer know you’re an NEA member, so be sure to bring it with you or have it ready to display on your mobile device to expedite the buying process.

Celebrate your great results

Buying a new car can be as stressful as studying for finals. The NEA Auto Buying Program will help you buy with confidence so you can avoid the high-pressure sales tactics and gimmicks you might find elsewhere. As you drive off the lot, you’ll feel like you’re getting an A on your final exam! 

*Upfront dealer pricing and Guaranteed Savings is not available in all states. In those states, a “Target Price” is presented, which is not an advertised price, but an example of what you can reasonably expect to pay.

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