Your Month-by-Month Smart Shopping Guide

Maximize your budget by shopping at the right time and with the right credit card.

by NEA Member Benefits


Looking for ways to save? By timing your purchases with retailers’ sales cycles, you can save big over the course of the year.

On top of those savings, you can earn 3% cash back on purchases in the category of your choice with the NEA® Customized Cash Rewards Visa Signature® credit card. Once per calendar month, you can choose your 3% cash back rewards category: Gas, Online Shopping, Dining, Travel, Drug Stores or Home Improvement & Furnishings. And by timing it right with our guide, you can maximize your 3% cash rewards.

To change your choice category for future purchases, you must go to Online Banking, or use the Mobile Banking app. You can change it once each calendar month, or make no change and it stays the same. Choose the credit card rewards category best suited to your spending habits, and then set it and forget it. Given the items listed in this buying guide, you can’t go wrong with Online Shopping!

Sales are always changing, so make sure to check your favorite stores often to catch when they run their best promotions, especially around major holidays. To learn more about timing your purchases so you can buy during the most cost-effective times of the year, read our article The Best Times to Buy Just About Anything. To learn more about maximizing your cash back rewards, read A New Way to Maximize Your Cash Back Rewards.

Your Month-by-Month Smart Shopping Guide Infographic

Earn rewards while you shop