Clever Hacks That Make Your School Day Easier

Try these creative classroom tips that help you save time and money and keep your day running smoothly.

by NEA Member Benefits

From extending the life of your dry-erase markers to using socks as wipe board erasers, follow these tips to save time and money.

Classroom hack #1: Add a rubber band around the top of a soap dispenser to dole out smaller portions!


Classroom hack #2: Tired of spiral-bound notebooks coming undone? Glue a bead to the end of the spiral and it won’t fall apart!


Classroom hack #3: Prevent desks from migrating across the classroom by securing them with zip ties!


Classroom hack #4: Extend the life of your dry-erase markers by attaching them to the board, facing down!


Classroom hack #5: Create “Where am I?” cups so you know where your students are at all times!


Classroom hack #6: Use child-size socks as wipe board erasers. When they get dirty, take them home and launder them.


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