Hospital, Disability and Long-Term Care

Protect your family from hardship and get help with expenses

4 Hospital & Long Term Care Programs

NEA® Income Protection Insurance Plan

Receive income when you are too sick or injured to work, including during pregnancy, doctor-ordered bed rest or medical leave.

  • Collect up to two-thirds of your regular monthly salary, up to $6,000
  • Choose from short-term or long-term disability plans
  • Have your NEA dues and premiums paid if you have a disability lasting six months or more

NEA Long-Term Care Program

Help maintain your quality of life as you age without jeopardizing your hard-earned savings.

  • Get a free needs assessment over the phone
  • Choose from popular plan designs or customize your benefits
  • Secure coverage for in-home caregivers or residential care
  • Exclusive rates for members and their spouses, parents and adult children

NEA® Group Hospital Income Insurance Plan

If you’re 64 and younger, you can receive up to $1,000 per day—in addition to your other health insurance benefits—when you’re in the hospital for an injury or illness.

  • Pays double benefits—as much as $1,000 a day and up to $500,000—in cash directly to you for some hospital stays.
  • Acceptance guaranteed for you, your spouse or domestic partner, and dependent children
  • Competitive group rates based on your age

NEA® CarePlus Hospital Insurance Plan (Hospital Indemnity and Short Term Recovery Insurance Plan)

If you’re 65 and older (guaranteed acceptance), you can get help paying for some costs associated with a hospital stay and recovery (subject to pre-existing condition limitations).

  • Pays up to $9,4501 cash benefits for hospital and home recovery for a covered injury or illness. This means you can collect $750 for your covered hospital or skilled nursing facility stay starting on day one, an additional $500 if you're in there for 14 days and an additional $200 if hospitalized or in a nursing home for more than 31 days.
  • You won't lose coverage due to your age or health.

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