NEA Members Share Their Future Travel Plans

Now that travel restrictions are lifting, we surveyed NEA members to see how they’re planning post-pandemic travel. Here are the results.

NEA Members Share Future Travel Plans - Couple Loading a Cooler into the Trunk of Their Car

by NEA Member Benefits

Jun 04, 2020

NEA members love to travel. But thanks to the novel coronavirus, those travel plans came to a screeching halt. As most parts of the country started to open back up, we became curious: How do you plan to start traveling again? As you dream about unfettered travel, where would you go first? How would you get there? Who would you go with? To find out, we surveyed members to see where they stand on travel. Below are the results.

Question 1: When do you think you’ll take your first post-pandemic trip?


NEA members are excited to travel again, with 40% of respondents saying they want to travel this summer. Another 26% said they’ll wait until fall 2020, and 5% said their next trip will be in the winter. A cautious 29% said they expect to wait until at least spring 2021 before taking a vacation.

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Question 2: What would be the main factor in deciding where to go?

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NEA members are eager to visit their friends and family, with 26% of respondents citing that as their travel goal. A hefty 25% would prefer to go somewhere where they can avoid crowds and 19% of members simply want a fun escape. A budget-minded 13% would go wherever they can get a good deal! And 17% stated "other" as their deciding factor/

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Question 3: When you do travel again, where will you go?


Almost 50% of members surveyed want to travel across the U.S. for their first outing. However, a whopping 29% would prefer to travel to another country. A more cautious 14% plan on traveling to neighboring states and 10% plan on staying in their home state.

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Question 4: What main location or activity will you plan your next trip around?

With social distancing still the norm, 26% of respondents would choose an outdoor trip to the beach—followed closely by 21% preferring a national or state park—as their location of choice. Only a few chose activities such as theme parks, museums and shopping. However, 42% of respondents chose “other”—so for our creative travelers out there, how about a trip to a botanical garden, renting a classic VW camper van or riding in a hot air balloon!

Question 5: Who will you travel with on your next trip?


The vast majority of respondents—68%—plan on traveling with family on their first post-pandemic trip. Another 14% want to travel with friends and 13% prefer to travel solo. Just 5% plan to travel with a group on a guided tour.

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Question 6: What will be your primary mode of transportation?


The close quarters of a plane aren’t stopping NEA members – 42% of respondent plan on flying when they start to travel again. Driving your own car comes in at 37%, followed by 11% wanting to rent a car. Just a few of you plan on going on a cruise, using ride-share or renting an RV.

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Question 7: Where will you stay?


With the hospitality industry slowly opening up again, 59% of respondents plan on staying in a hotel or motel during their next trip. A resort trip is wanted by 19% of respondents followed by 16% wanting to stay at a relative or friend’s house. A mere 5% prefer a tent or an RV and 1% of members would just do a day trip and go back home.

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Question 8: How much do you plan to spend on your next trip?

NEA members are ready to travel and have earmarked money to do so. A good 40% of respondents plan on spending $1,500 or more on their next trip. Another 25% will budget $500-$999, and 21% plan on spending $1,000-$1,499. Just 14% of respondents plan on spending less than $500.

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